Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bouquet to Kalaam, Candle for Chandrashekar and Vote for Budhia

Why should I??? Go to some website and offer an e-bouquet, e-candle or vote for a person. The latest one “Send Bouquet to Kalam” – why is he sick? And who assures me that it will be definitely sent?
In today’s world it is not just sufficient that you have feelings you have to vote in a news channel by sms or on their website then only it is taken. After all what kind of publicity is this, who gets the publicity after all?
Here are some more things happening of late on channels….
    Himesh keeps screaming in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa….. If he has chosen by choice to be there and he is getting money for it…. Then why the hell is he shouting over there??? But poor public may not realize it and feel that he is really angry and this entire stuff is covered on NEWS Channels for 8-10Hrs.
    Tulsi dies in Kyonki…. Wow what a subject… Aaaj Tak and Star News covered the entire event Live…yes Live from Star Plus…. And what questions….. “How are you feeling now that you are dying in the serial?” and to top this all “Baa cries on TV to say I will miss Tulsi…. Oh god what a miss”…..
    Now the best, our guy Raja…. (I know many of you don’t know who he is)…. Suddenly on a Monday morning flashed up on Aaaj Tak… why bcos his wife prerana( Now who is she….even I do not know her actual name) left him and went away over night and the entire media wanted to know why they were separated….. What drama… Raja showing to people that he is not Drunk and acting like a villain…… What next after a week he confesses saying that was a publicity stunt for some cheap movie of his….
Many more like this…. Diwaakar is out of a program and people send messages…. Prince (Nobody knows him by name) fell in open well TV Channels busy for 48 Hrs…. and most amazing part they reached there before even locals and rescue team ….
Where our TV is channels specially news channels heading to? No wonder we have the largest number of news channels in the world…. Since we hardly cover NEWS!!!!
No wonder I watch “Star Sports” and whenever I need entertainment switch to a NEWS Channel. Otherwise I would have been busy with programs like “Malgudi Days” or “Family No 1” or “Zabaan Sambhal ke” for that instance…..