Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The power of questioning ???

When we were kids we used to fight on occassions when someone question us why a particular letter is not capital when it should have been. The answer we gave - "You didnt tell me so I didnt write it in capital Letters". 

Then we were trained both ways, when you are spelling something explicitly mention "capital Z" ebra for "Zebra" and at the same time we were trained about questioning everything so when someone said "PFLayout" we would question "P and F are capital?" 

When 2 people who are trained on both speak it is such a pain and I feel it sometimes while telling my email ID - if I tell my email ID as sudhi@xxx.com people ask me is S capital and I feel as if I would not tell then if it was :) 

How strange that with training also the anger still remains but it is a 180degree shift to what the anger was earlier...